In the year 1995, the OJ Simpson trial was in full swing, Rudolph Giuliani was the Mayor of NYC, and crack-cocaine addiction was at epidemic proportions, there was no way out for many people living in the projects of NYC. 360 Sound and Vision brings you a tale of that time in 1995 with a special album entitled THE KNOTTY HEADZ: YOUNG THUGS, a throw-back hardcore hip-hop album, featuring the earliest works of B.L.A.C.C. HEART lyricists, SHAMBO, P. LONG, & LAKY-DON, it also features the earliest production from producer 3SIXDY, it was found and restored by the engineers at 360 SOUND STUDIOS, resurrected to the fullest capacity, and now delivered to you in it’s complete form. The album can be enjoyed as a stand-alone album, or it can be examined; as a chronicle of a time once lived but not forgotten, the way it was, the way it is, emotions run high in THE KNOTTY HEADZ: YOUNG THUGS, coming soon from 360 SOUND AND VISION.

the knotty headz young thugs by 360 sound and vision


1) Living In The Projects
2) Set It
3) Young Thugs
4) Can’t Waste Time
5) 3Sixdy’s Introspective
6) Stress Is Life
7) No Love